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        Award Winning Healthcare App Developers

        We are an award-winning software development agency that specializes in building secure medical apps, clinical care and medical device control software

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        Healthcare App Developers You Can Trust

        Over the past 10 years, Blue Label Labs has designed and built a number of healthcare related apps, web sites and clinical care systems. From the most popular suite of fertility tools on the App Store in BabyMed, to helping FriendHealth launch an on-demand homecare service, our team of expert medical app developers understands the importance of building secure, reliable healthcare software that patients and medical practitioners can trust.

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        Experienced EMR and EHR Integrators

        The Blue Label healthcare app development team brings a unique combination of product thinkers and engineers that can not only design innovative healthcare tools for mobile and web, but can then also integrate them directly into industry standard EMR systems. Our team of engineers and mhealth app developers has built integrations into some of the most commonly used EMR systems in the market such as AthenaHealth, Epic, RESource and GE Healthcare. Additionally, they are experienced in healthcare communication standards such HL7.

        HIPAA Compliant Systems Design for Apps

        At the foundation of every healthcare system our medical app development team builds is an understanding in the importance of securing personally identifiable healthcare data and the legal regulations, such as HIPAA, which govern them. We understand the implications of HIPAA. As such, our team of architects have unparalleled expertise in designing HIPAA compliant apps and cloud infrastructures, built on-top of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, that ensure the security and integrity of healthcare data.

        Medical Device Control Software

        Our experience with unique healthcare mobile app development extends into the development of mobile apps that control and integrate with medical devices. Our medical app developers partnered with Lymphatech to create an iOS mobile app that integrated with their medical imaging hardware to measure the geometric changes in limbs. We understand the importance of rigor and having a well documented mHealth app development process when it comes to creating medical device control software. Additionally, we have processes in place throughout healthcare app development that are compatible with standards such as IEC 62304.

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        Our team is trusted by companies across the world for their healthcare app development needs

        Weill Cornrnell Medicine
        Columbia University

        Clients come to us with a vision. We help them build it.

        Our healthcare app developers helped FliptRX design and build their pharmacy benefits platform

        FliptRX’s gives companies an easy-to-implement pharmacy benefits platform that lowers prescription costs by giving employees more price transparency and choice when it comes to filling their prescriptions. Our healthcare app development team partnered with FliptRX to redesign their mobile app experience and our engineers worked side by side with the FliptRX team to build and launch their mobile web platform.

        We helped BabyMed launch its industry leading suite of fertility and pregnancy tools

        We partnered with BabyMed to bring to life on the iPhone its innovative suite of fertility and pregnancy management tools. Working alongside the BabyMed team, we developed a reliable and robust set of tools for expecting mothers that included a fertility predictor, a pregnancy calendar and a baby kick measurement tool. Furthermore, our medical app development team built the very first set of fertility tools for the Apple Watch which let mothers know at a glance their fertility at any time.

        Our awards and recognitions

        Inc 5000

        2017, 2018, 2019 Inc. 5000 list

        of the fastest-growing private companies in America

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        Top App Developers

        Clutch Top App Developers New York 2017

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        Top Mobile App Dev.

        Goodfirms’ Top Mobile App Development Companies New York 2017

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        Top App Creators’ Top 10

        Mobile App Development Companies Rankings of 2016

        We have been recognized as one of the best New York based mobile app development companies.